Estate & Succession Planning requires more than just a simple Will...

Estate Planning

How many times have you heard the well-worn statement – “There are only two certainties in life – Death and Taxes!”
Well, as most of us will be living longer, quite a few of us also face the unpleasant prospect of losing capacity.
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Deceased Estate Administration

If someone you know dies and you have been appointed as the executor under their Will, do you know what your duties and responsibilities are? Should you obtain a Grant of Probate? What risks are there for you if you don’t do that?
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Business Succession Planning

When starting or buying into a business most business owners give little thought about how they might be forced to involuntarily depart the business because of serious illness or accident, serious disagreement with other business owners, to take another opportunity that has arisen or to retire from the business.
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Commercial Law

Are you considering buying or starting a business? Are you looking at investing in a commercial property?
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Brien Leibinger Lawyers

Brien Leibinger Lawyers is a Cairns based law firm that focuses on providing personalised estate and succession planning services and solutions to the firm’s clients.

We have a diverse range of clients, each with their own unique circumstances and issues. Some are business owners, others are farmers, professionals and independent retirees.

No matter what our clients’ circumstances are or the issues confronting them, our goal is to work with them and, where required, their accounting and financial advisors to produce an estate plan that is tailored to their circumstances and which satisfactorily addresses those issues.

If you do not have an estate plan or if your estate plan is out of date and does not adequately address your current circumstances, we can help you to put in place a plan to ensure that, if the worst happens, your loved ones will be adequately provided for and your wishes will be honoured.