Commercial Law

Are you considering buying or starting a business? Are you looking at investing in a commercial property?

If you are about to do any of those things, have you:

  • sought advice about the financial performance of the business or the financial return you can expect to receive on the property?
  • obtained advice about the most appropriate structure you should use, taking into account your circumstances and other issues such as Federal and State taxes?
  • undertaken all necessary enquiries and due diligence to ensure that you are acquiring everything needed to successfully run the business, to ensure there are no hidden defects in the property or to ensure you will receive the return you expect from the business or the property?
  • considered the terms of any lease that you need to sign or take an assignment of for the business premises or on which you will be relying for payment of rent?
  • obtained advice about the terms of any contract that you have been given to sign?

We can help with the matters described in the last three bullet points above. Should you wish, we will also work with your financial and accounting advisors to ensure that the most appropriate structure is used for the establishment or purchase of your business or commercial property. Of course, we can also act for you on the conveyance of the business or property to ensure that you receive a valid title to the business or property.

If you require a particular agreement prepared in relation to a business or property you own or have an interest in then we will, in most instances, be able to prepare that agreement for you. However, sometimes preparation of a particular agreement may require specialist legal knowledge. If we do not have that knowledge then we will be able to refer to you another lawyer with that knowledge who can assist you with the agreement.